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Upon my Arrival

Place consideration in an unsealed envelope in plain site or in the restroom. In public use discretion by placing it within a card envelope, gift bag, or book. In any situation it is to be exchanged immediately upon my arrival. Do not make me ask for it as that is always in poor taste, ruins the mood, and leads me to feel uncomfortable.

Deposits are preferably made through Cashapp.

For the remaining amount I always prefer cash. If that is not an option it must be disclosed in advance.

If an in-date extension is made, the additional amount is to be provided immediately, there are no exceptions.

When booking please keep in mind that I prefer dates at least 1.5-2 hrs so that we are unrushed and have more time to let the date progress organically.


Dates 3 hrs or longer require a meal or outing of some nature.


 I pay great attention to cleanliness so please take note that you are freshly showered, and have good dental hygiene as well. If I am visiting your home or hotel please ensure that the premises is clean and free of excessive pet hair.

Unattractive Behaviors
If you wish to lose my immediate respect one of the fastest ways is with "carrot-dangling" behavior with future promises of any sort. Even if intended to be genuine, please speak with action instead. Do not make comparisons or speak poorly to me about other providers.

I'm letting you know about my likes and dislikes so you can best evaluate if we are compatible. I don't appreciate invasive and overly personal questions. Please respect my privacy and the importance of how it relates to my safety. I absolutely despise behaviors that are domineering, manipulative, or pretentious. The only partial exception for a braggart is when your actions are displaying a real time, outstanding benefit to the person sharing company with you. 

​As a health conscious individual it isn't practical for me to accept a drink every time I am offered one. If I pass on having a drink please don't take offense nor feel as though you need to refrain as well.

Going the extra mile
Gifts are never mandatory. If by chance you end up feeling extra generous or would like to make an exceptional impression, you can visit my wish list here. A surprise gift is highly appreciated and greatly rewarded. It's a sure way to make my day. 

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