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My goal is to build a positive and continuous friendship with you. It helps to do so by having a leisurely amount of time together, therefore longer bookings are always preferred. 

Dates 3+ hrs require a meal or outing.


For Incall add cost of hotel reservation, typically 2-300.

1 hr - 1000​​​

1.5 hr - 1600

2 hr - 2000

3 hr - 3000

4 hr - 3800

6 hr - 5000

8 hr - 6000

12-14 hr overnight - 7000

24 hr day & night - 9000

48 hr - 12000

Each additional day +5000

In date extensions (not planned in advance) are 1000 an hr.

Last minute/ late night (after 11pm) dates may be subject to convenience fee.

Overnight & Extended Dates

 I require at least 7 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.

For multi day trips up to 2 hrs of personal time is needed for me to do such things as practice yoga, workout, go for a walk/run, take a rest, monitor phone notifications etc. 

​Deposits & Cancelations

If you cancel within less than 24 hrs a %100 cancelation fee is required.

All deposits (& incall fee if necessary) is to be sent at time of booking.

Bookings require a %20 deposit.​

Touring may require %30 deposit.

​FMTY require %50 + Travel costs. 

Deposits are nonrefundable except in the rare event that I must cancel.

I am understanding and will try to accommodate a slight schedule change if I am able to. Otherwise if a booking is rescheduled in less than 2 days advance (3 days advance for tour travel) it will result in deposit forfeiture, requiring a new deposit to reschedule. Same day 24 hr cancellations require %100 cancelation fee.

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