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A quick introduction
I would best describe myself as a warm hearted girl with an attentive mind, who is well educated and loves a stimulating conversation. I embody a down to earth personality, glowing metropolitan beauty, paired with a sharp mind. Personality wise I'm a realist, an observer, and a true Psych major at heart. However, I have a great light hearted streak, immense empathy for others, and if we spend enough time together my sarcastic humor just might surface.  I'm very authentic and down to earth. With appropriate timing I speak my mind and strive to have clear communication and respect towards others, and of course expect none the less in return. Rest assured, our encounter will consist of both a physically and mentally stimulating nature.

How will I arrive
Overall I prefer to dress in a rather simplistic style. Yet I do have a love for unique or rather avant-garde pieces at times. Most frequently I will arrive in a cute, comfortable, and casual attire that doesn't warrant overly provocative attention in public. Otherwise I do enjoy dressing up when dining out in the city or another occasion that calls for such. I don't take overly specific outfits requests but can absolutely be gently guided towards a desired look such as casual, an evening dress/skirt paired with heels, or beach friendly attire.

If you are the type of gentlemen that prefers intricate lingerie, or otherwise a full set paired with heels please inform me so that I make sure to arrive with something special as this is fulfilled by request in advance.
If there is an outfit you would like to gift me to wear for a date together, just let me know and we can discuss. Due to my slender and natural body type I don't have a universal dress or lingerie size, yet often a xs/small/size 2.

Date ideas & personal favorites
My goal is to have reoccurring experiences together. In order to get to know each other in an unrushed manner I prefer a time length of at least 1.5-2 hrs. Keep in mind that dates 3 hrs or longer require a meal or outing. Of course dinner dates and sleep overs take top priority. 
When dining out, my favorite dishes consist of fresh seafood or chicken. I love almost all Japanese, Mediterranean, and Mexican cuisine. 

As I am fairly new to South Florida I appreciate all beach related adventures. I absolutely cherish a walk aside the ocean as the sun sets, or an afternoon boating adventure. When traveling I love to try new restaurants and get a feel for the city that I am in.